Special cutting applications for saws

Some jobs are special cutting applications, but require individual attention and solutions to cut. Accurate Cutting Services has specialised in providing a sawing service to meet even the most varied and specialised of jobs.

So you think it’s easy….. difficult sawing applications

Using a bandsaw blade to cut a piece of material doesn’t usually cause any problems with that material. However, occasionally, the material causes significant problems for the bandsaw blade! […]

Bandsawing Meteorites

The company has been asked to cut a very wide variety of materials and objects in almost 40 years of subcontract sawing using bandsaw machines. Some jobs were completely unforeseen such as bandsawing meteorites! The company has cut three meteorites using a bandsaw – the Nantan, Henbury and the Steinbach. The sectioning of these rare meteorites has given universities, world-wide, an opportunity to research the composition of planets, and even to take a closer look at the centre of the earth.

(Non) Explosive success…. 1000lb sawing concrete filled test bomb!

This was a test cut using a metal cutting horizontal bandsaw and a carbide tipped bandsaw blade for a customer sawing concrete filled test bomb casing. Of course, we’re never told why. In this case, cutting concrete, inclusive of aggregate etc., wouldn’t be a normal application for a carbide tipped blade, however, as we were sawing a steel case at the same time, an abrasive blade was unlikely to survive.

Accurate restores classic motor engines… Sawing multiple metals

Sectioning complete items made of different materials and structures requires careful selection of band saw blades and a stable setup on the bandsaw machines. Our experience over nearly 50 years has enabled Accurate to tackle any job.

Sectioning a steam locomotive boiler

We sometimes get asked to cut some unusual items, and for those of us who have ever played with trains as a kid, this job was interesting – […]

RLC Callender (Aerospace manufacturer) sawing cell

Accurate Cutting Services knows exactly how to keep RLC Callender’s VIP customers flying high.The precise band-sawing of titanium by Accurate Cutting Services based in a in-house sawing cell enables the fan blade machining cell at Callender’s to make parts for use in Rolls-Royce and Pratt & […]