Special cutting applications for saws

Some jobs are special cutting applications, but require individual attention and solutions to cut. Accurate Cutting Services has specialised in providing a sawing service to meet even the most varied and specialised of jobs.

Bandsawing Meteorites

Demands (seriously) unexpected at Accurate Cutting Services.
The company has been asked to cut a very wide variety of materials and objects in almost 40 years of subcontract sawing using bandsaw machines. […]

(Non) Explosive success…. 1000lb sawing concrete filled test bomb!


So you think it’s easy….. difficult sawing applications

Using a bandsaw blade to cut a piece of material doesn’t usually cause any problems with that material. However, occasionally, the material causes significant problems for the bandsaw blade! […]

Accurate restores classic motor engines… Sawing multiple metals

This was sectioned for a display using a bandsaw blade on an industrial bandsaw machine sawing multiple metals in one cut. Cylinder sleeves, valves, cam shaft, bearings etc. […]

Sectioning a steam locomotive boiler

We sometimes get asked to cut some unusual items, and for those of us who have ever played with trains as a kid, this job was interesting – […]