Pulse Bandsaws

For faster, quieter cutting, choose pulse cutting bandsaws

Pulse bandsaws offer faster, quieter sawing in tough materials
Wide blade options for maximum beam strength
Pulse mechanism reduces vibration increasing blade life

Pulse bandsaws from Amada offer faster cutting in difficult to cut materials by employing a mechanism to “pulse” the blade feed pressure, forcing the tips to overcome any work hardening in the bottom of the cut, and removing vibration harmonics that create noise and damage tip material.

Using a mechanism to produce the pulse is a alternative to using a wavy back blade that offers significant advantages. Use of any blade strong enough to support the additional pressure on the tips, and the pulse “point” is spread throughout the entire length of the blade loop – a wavy back blade has all the additional load on the same teeth every time, and minimal wear on the “low” teeth.

The result of the pulse saw is faster, quieter cutting and more cut area per blade.

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