Large sawing capacity

Large sawing capacity up to 6000mm long x 1000mm high cuts, or, 1500 x 2000 round or rectangular and weights of up to 25 tonnes makes Accurate Cutting Services subcontract bandsaw capacity the largest in the UK.

    Simplifying manufacturing processes using sawing service

    Sawing heat exchanger to reuse end places

    Many manufacturing processes can be simplified significantly by producing an item in one piece and then sectioning it for final machining.

    At Accurate Cutting Services, also, much work involves the sawing of machined or part-machined components to help to improve the dimensional accuracy of earlier machining.

    Specialist cutting service using heavy-duty bandsaws

    Bandsawing to cut out gear segment

    Specialist, heavy-duty vertical band saws, as used by Accurate Cutting Services, produce substantial economies by profiling blanks to remove excess material in bulk, prior to machining.

    Sawing service enquiry

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