Pedrazzoli Circular Saws

Rely on the Quality of Our Pedrazzoli Circular Saws

Pedrazzoli circular saws are recognised world leaders in the manufacture of cut off saws, bandsaws, automatic cut off saws, circular saws for metal cutting, tube bending and end forming equipment.

Pedrazzoli have been supplying saws throughout the UK for over 40 years, with combined sales of over 40,000 machines. Now part of the Tauring Group, Pedrazzoli has expanded it’s range with new models.


Pedrazzoli circular saws are built for extreme sturdiness and long work-life; their structure is entirely made of cast iron with high precision machining. Cutting heads are perfectly balanced to give a pleasant and effortless cutting action. They are supplied in one-speed, two-speed or with variable speed drive unit. The rotating cutting table (mitre versions only) provides excellent support for material even the case of very short lengths while reducer’s screw has a double support on ball bearings and an elastic joint which ensure a perfect vibration-free cut and consequent long blade life.


Pedrazzoli’s semi-automatic cutting machines are very fast and noiseless thanks to particular constructive design of the screw-ring transmission, the double screw support on bearings and the original design of clutch unit. The infinitely variable speed drive unit gives excellent results in varied work conditions even when the blade’s diameters is quite small. Head tilts on adjustable self-lubricating bushings, anti-burr vice is reversible and can be connected both on left-hand and right-hand side. The pneumatic head movement unit is complete with hydraulic brake . This enables operator to adjust blade descent speed according to type of material and type of cutting blade used. Also these models can be fitted with blade cleaning devices, inversion of blade rotation direction unit, pedestals and loading-unloading tracking.

With feeder

These extremely versatile metal cutting machines are supplied with feeders which allow to keep cutting pieces until bar finishes. 45° cuts both left and right can be carried out in semi-automatic mode , while the version for aluminium cutting can also perform mitre cuts off the vertical up to 45°. Rotation of graduated disc is upon tempered balls with automatic stops in 90° and ± 45° positions and manual stops in intermediate positions. The vices move freely in horizontal direction and head tilting upon adjustable self-lubricating bushings makes machines reliable even on large cutting capacity with ø 350 mm blades. The feeder carriage is complete with clamping cylinder with adjustable closing pressure which allows to securely grip piece with no deformation; the 600 mm stroke can be selected as single or multiple step and adjustable speed. Machines with feeder can also be used in semi-automatic cycle, with single step feeling or in totally automatic cycle.

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