SUPER BROWN 2000 pull down mitre circular saw

High performance manual mitre circular saw with manual or pneumatic clamping, and compound angle mitre sawing up to 80mm.

  • Manual pull down circular saw
  • Compound angle mitre capability
  • Up to 80mm cutting capacity
  • 275mm diameter blades

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  • Manual quick clamp (for MRM versions).
  • Pneumatic quick-release clamp (for MRP versions).
  • Blade start safety switch located in the lever handle.
  • Integral protection cover for quick blade change.
  • Emergency button on the control panel with key.
  • 2-speed switch.
  • Tilting head on adjustable self-lubricating bushings.
  • Mechanism for rotating the head block for angled cuts up to 45° left and right with locking lever.
  • Lateral head movement unit for 45° cuts on the left vertical and longitudinal cuts.
  • Adjustable support rod to cut with the same ease and performance large pieces (connecting rod forward) and small to medium pieces (connecting rod backward).
  • Coolant tank with immersion pump for space saving.
  • Bar stop with millimetre rod.
  • Disc blade Ø 275.
  • Set of maintenance keys.
  • Instruction manual for use and maintenance.


  • Modular sheet metal pedestal of 34 Kg.
  • Pedestal in welded sheet metal of 49 Kg.
  • Rollers for loading and unloading the piece.
  • Refrigerant liquid

Round tubes

  • 45° left: 80 mm
  • 0: 80 mm
  • 45° right: 80 mm

Square profiles

  • 45° left: 65 mm
  • 0: 80 mm
  • 45° right: 70 mm

Rectangular profiles

  • 45° left: 70 x 65 mm
  • 0: 100 x 70 mm
  • 45° right: 75 x 70 mm



Use quality saw blades for the best performance from your Pedrazzoli circular saw. Using good quality blades won’t compromise the performance of a quality saw.

We have a wide range of blades available for all metals and sections, with teeth cut to suit your application. Julia quality circular saw blades

Or contact us for our recommended blade for your needs.





Technical Data

Blade motor 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Blade speeds 43 or 86 RPM
Table height 950 mm
Blade diameter 275 mm
Weight 180 Kg
Unloaded noise level 80 dBA


Cutting Specs

45 left 0 deg 45 right
Round tubes 80 80 80 mm
Square sections 65 80 80 mm
Rectangular sections 70 x 65 100 x 70 75 x 70 mm