Excessing and profiling to remove material through sawing

Excessing and profiling to remove material through sawing

Reducing a large piece of stock material to a near net shape using our sawing service to bandsaw off solid pieces saves machining time and tooling costs on second processes, and has the side benefit of leaving off-cuts of usable size rather than turning it all into swarf.

Accurate can saw anything whose cutting envelope is within 2000 x 1800mm or 1000 x 6000mm in section, though often we can accommodate greater sizes with a little manoeuvring and reorientation of the job.

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Sectioning of round bar to produce rectangular or square section when suitable material isn’t available.

Sawing net shapes from a block or plate by cutting intersecting planes to remove large solid pieces that could be reused. The alternative to turning solid material into swarf and chips.

Internal solid blocks can be removed by sawing from pre-drilled hole to hole.

Accurate Cutting Services - cutting to remove excess material
Accurate Cutting Services - rough profiling blocks and plate

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