Excessing and profiling to remove material through sawing

Sawing blocks and slabs by bandsawReducing a large piece of stock material to a near net shape using our sawing service to bandsaw off solid pieces saves machining time and tooling costs on second processes, and has the side benefit of leaving off-cuts of usable size rather than turning it all into swarf.

Accurate can saw anything whose cutting envelope is within 2000 x 1800mm or 1000 x 6000mm in section, though often we can accommodate greater sizes with a little manoeuvring and reorientation of the job.

Talk to our cutting team to see how much we can do to solve your requirement.



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sawing service - test pieces, sectioning and profiling

sawing service - excessing to remove bulk material prior to machining

sawing service - internal cutting to remove excess material - saves time, saves tooling

sawing service - bandsawing off excess leaves reusable offcuts

sawing service - bandsawing excess material to save cost of machining

sawing service - bandsawing to rough profile with angles saves time and cost

sawing service - bandsawing to achieve the right shape from drawings

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