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Profiling and Sectioning: Why Is It Useful?

Profiling and Sectioning

Profiling and Sectioning: Why Is It Useful?

plate profiled
Metals are present almost everywhere, whether you are living in an urban or rural area. But for us to gain the advantages of using metals, these materials need to take up different forms, shapes, and sizes—making profiling and sectioning important. But what are these processes, and where can we use the transformed metals they produce? Find out here.
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What Is Profiling and Sectioning?

Profiling and sectioning are the processes of cutting metals and turning them into various shapes or sizes by removing unnecessary parts or excess materials. There are different ways and elements used to profile cut metals, including:

Lasers: Commonly used for narrow cutting and close nesting, this profile cutting process uses laser beams to slice and divide metals. With lasers, there will be less distortion and more accurate cutting outcomes. However, it is best to use laser profile cutting for metals with a thickness of one inch or less.

Plasma: The profile cutting machine uses pressurised gas to cut through thick metals, including stainless steel and carbon steel.

Water Jet: While plasma profile cutting uses pressurised gas, water jet profile cutting utilises pressurised water to create precise cuts on steel and titanium. This process is also useful for ceramics, fabric, stone, and granite cutting.

Band Saw: Band saw profile cutting allows you to cut metals and remove excess material using a band saw machine. It works for both straight and curved cuts, as long as the metal is thick. It is one of the cutting services we offer at Accurate Cutting Services Ltd.

On the other hand, section cutting can be completed through:

Abrasive: The material used for this section cutting process is cut-off wheels made of abrasive grains. Abrasive cutting produces a smoothly cut surface on the material.

Band Saw: It is quite similar to the band saw profile cutting. For this, service providers use different types of band saws, including hand-held, dual column, and vertical bandsaw machines.

Cutting Metals: How Are They Useful in Our Lives?

Metals come in various properties. They have high melting points, are good conductors of heat and electricity, highly dense, malleable, and ductile. Moreover, these materials are durable and can stand the test of time with proper maintenance. That is why they are particularly useful across various industries.

One can use metals for the following purposes:

Machines in Production Lines

Production or assembly lines help streamline the manufacturing process in a factory. However, the operations manager should also make sure that the workers have the right machines and tools to accomplish their jobs.

When it comes to machines, aluminium, steel, and other forms of metal will make great and durable components. When these are cut to different sizes and shapes, these materials will provide production lines with beneficial pieces of machinery that are resistant to corrosion and function in their optimal condition.

Window and Door Frames

Windows and doors are essential parts of every establishment built as they keep unwelcomed people and things from entering the building. Aside from the windows and doors themselves, it is also important for them to have frames to support their weight and add a bit of creativity.

Aluminium not only improves how the structure functions but also how it looks with the presence of decorative elements. Metals are also resistant to degeneration, corrosion, and rusting. In addition to that, they don’t require much maintenance.


Railings in towering buildings or simple residential properties can either be straight and simple or decorative and creative. Regardless, you need to have the right and uniformed size and curves for the railings to serve their purpose, thus, the need for profiling and sectioning. With that, manufacturers can turn metals into visually attractive columns, rails, bottom rails, posts, and lattice systems.

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are non-motorised vehicles that a motorised vehicle pulls. It has an open-top rear cargo area where you can put the goods and other materials you want to transport. These vehicles are mostly made up of metals since they usually carry heavy stuff to deliver from one place to another. With durable materials used for the creation of these trailers, you won’t need to worry about the quality and functionality for a long time.

Tools and Materials for Construction Projects

Construction projects need materials that will last long despite the circumstances. This way, the outcome of the project will withstand the test of time. For this reason, metals are widely used when building structures. The common ones include steel, aluminium, iron, copper, and titanium.

Cut Through Thick and Thin Metals with Accurate Cutting Services Ltd

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