Amada CMB75 high speed carbide circular saw

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High speed production circular saw for use with circular carbide blades.

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75mm capacity high speed carbide circular saw

High speed production circular saw for use with circular carbide blades.

The optimum solution for the sawing of bar material with maximum precision and minimum cycle time.


High Performance Sawing with Precision
The inclined guide of the saw head ensures a perfect chipping angle, achieving both extreme accuracy and maximum cutting performance.

Amada Circular Saw Blades
The use of very thin carbide saw blades with a small cutting width guarantees minimal waste with maximum machine performance. Due to the special tooth geometry, optimum cut faces are produced with almost reflective surfaces.

Wide Range of Machining
The CMB circular saws make it possible to machine many materials and forms: solid material, tubes, square material and profiles.

Cleaner and Drier Sawing Process
The proven minimal quantity lubrication system ensures clean and almost dry cuts. The combination of the proven Amada CNC technologies means that reworking is unnecessary in most cases.

Easy Operation
The practical Amada CNC technology enables easy operation without the need for machining or programming knowledge.

Maximum Tool Life
In order to reduce the vibration of the saw blade, the machine is equipped with special saw blade plate guides, which guide the blade on both sides near the tooth engagement. This results in maximum cutting precision and optimum blade life, giving an excellent cost per cut ratio.

Cutting Capacity
Round material (diameter in mm) 10 – 76.3
Rectangular material (edge length mm) 10 – 60

Fit Amada saw blades for best performance






Technical Specs

Machine Cutting capacity
Round (Dia) 10 – 76.3
Rectangle (W x H) 10 x 10 – 60 x 60
Saw blade Blade size
(OD x Bore x T) (mm)
285 x 40 x 2.0
Number of teeth 60, 80
Blade speed
56 – 225
(Inverter controlled invariable speed change)
Motors (kW) Saw blade 7.5
Hydraulic pump 1.5
Cut to length feed 1.2
Power requirement (kVA) 22
Tan capacity (L) Hydraulic 20
Table height (mm) 900
Machine dimensions
(W x L x H) (mm)
2121 x 4310 x 1612
Mass of machine (kg) 2200
Automatic loader Allowable load
(Mass of work) (kg)
Mass of Automatic loader (kg) 490

With its convenient control and its frequency-controlled variable speed control, the Amada carbide circular saw CMB 75 CNC meets highest demands on cutting precision and machining performance, while being at the same time more efficient than other sawing and cutting procedures.

With the CNC control, cutting values as well as combinations of various segment lengths/volumes can be programmed, making this machine attractive also for smaller batches.

Through the use of special, only 2mm thick one-way carbide saw blades in conjunction with minimum quantity cooling/lubrication, perfectly smooth edges and burr free segments can be obtained with very little scrap. An inclined loading magazine on the loading side and automatic sorting of trim cuts and remnants ensure a fully automated production process.


Amada offer a number of optional components that together build a complete high speed sawing cell capable of unattended operation for long periods of time (dependent only on the life of the saw blade).

Chain magazine for loading of square bar

Amada CMB75 high speed carbide circular saw

External air extraction and filtration

Amada CMB75 high speed carbide circular saw

Robotic pick and place of sawn components into boxes or containers
Weighing systems and sorting for components

Amada CMB75 high speed carbide circular saw