Cutmaster abrasive cutting machines BC 20/20

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Metal cutting operations using abrasive cutting machines are most commonly found where sawing is too expensive or difficult to achieve and speed of cut, and a good surface finish of the cut face are important.

Abrasive cutting is usually used for:

  • Very hard or difficult to cut materials
  • Heat sensitive materials
  • Modern, sophisticated alloys
  • High chromium manganese alloy steels
  • High speed steels
  • High nickel alloys
  • Nimonic alloys
  • Tool steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Low alloy steels
  • Titanium alloys
  • Case hardened steel Cutmaster Capability
  • See also the larger BC 24/60 abrasive cutting machine

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Cutmaster has over 44 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of machines for various types of cutting-off operations. It is for this reason that Birkett Cutmaster can give a balanced view of suitable applications for abrasive cutting-off. The Special Benefits:

  • Speed of cut, especially on solid sections
  • Low heat generation on heat sensitive materials
  • Cuts exotic alloys more effectively than traditional sawing methods
  • Versatile in cutting a range of unusual component sections and shapes
  • Foundry applications are catered for – specially designed machines are suitable for numerous cutting operations Which metals may be effectively cut?

Birkett Cutmaster is a UK designer, manufacturer and distributor of machine tools that provide flexible, safe and environmentally acceptable working practices. The range can meet virtually any requirement involving sawing and abrasive cutting.

  • Abrasive wet and dry cutting off machines
  • Special purpose cutting

Tailored Solutions Cutmaster would be pleased to advise on the number and type of machines necessary to meet different volume, batch or one off requirements. If necessary, complete manufacturing cells can be specified, to provide a variety of practical solutions. Machines can be supplied in manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic modes. Birkett Cutmaster has extensive experience in supplying machines for the following general application areas:

  • Production processes in volume
  • Foundry applications
  • Laboratory analysis Other Important Considerations
  • Through their many built in features and their suitability for combining with ancillary equipment, the modern Cutmaster machines provide further reasons for adopting abrasive cut off technology.
  • Safety for the operator by mechanical and electrical guard systems
  • Environmental and workplace advantages from features such as dust control and noise attenuation.
  • Ergonomic advantages from tailored loading and unloading equipment and work piece handling devices.
  • Precision control of clamping, drives, feed rates and other semi-automatic and fully automatic features.
  • Programmable machines for variable batch sizes, component dimensions and other parameters.
  • Floor-to-floor times minimised by efficient methods of abrasive disc replacement and other tooling changeovers.

Cutmaster machines has the proven ability to provide the most effective and cost efficient solutions to abrasive cutting off requirements – thousands of successful installations have given many years of service in a wide variety of manufacturing situations. Arriving at the specification: Recognising that no two customers’ requirements are identical, our CAD system enables machines in the range to be adapted for specific requirements, such as:

  • Constraints on working layout
  • The processing of special materials
  • The handling of volume components, often as part of process flow-lines.
  • The need to cut large or awkward profiles or sections

If required, Cutmaster will carry out a full audit of your cutting needs in order to arrive at the most suitable machine for the job, plus necessary ancillary equipment such as dust extractors. Seeing through the installation: Our highly experienced engineers are involved in all aspects of the installation and commissioning. Remembering the after-care: In addition to any maintenance needs, Cutmaster can advise on supply of consumables such as discs, coolants and oils.