High Speed Volume Sawing

High Speed Volume Sawing

Precision metal cutting service

High Speed Volume Sawing

accurate cutting precision circular sawing

High accuracy precision sawing service

Up to 100mm diameter or square

Tight tolerances to 0.25mm

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Advantages for volume manufacturers in high speed sawing

Today’s buyers want higher quality at lower prices, delivered just-in-time. Suppliers have to remove time and costs, as far as possible, from the component-manufacturing process. High speed sawing using carbide saws provides an answer to precision cut blanks.

This should start with the blanks required for subsequent CNC machining or forging processes. Producing blanks at the right time, and with the required precision, can save money in materials and tooling, and through reductions in subsequent process times.

Accurate Cutting Services - precision sawing service For many high-volume sawing applications, the days of bandsawing are numbered. The latest carbide circular saw technology is here, and can generate major benefits over conventional bandsawing methods.

The carbide circular sawing machines installed by Accurate Cutting Services, used in volume production throughout the day and night, are capable of cutting up to 110mm diameter steel or aluminium material, to a very high standard of precision.

They enable customers to achieve significant savings through reduced material loss, improved tool life and lower WIP, from closer tolerances in the initial stages of CNC machining, and no (or fewer) feeder jams or broken tooling/dies.

billets cut to weight
carbide circular saws 20p

Sawing capabilities

With this carbide circular saw technology:

  • poor cut length tolerances of 0.5mm to 1.0mm are a thing of the past: these carbide machines can achieve consistently tight tolerances down to +/-0.15mm with a ppk of better than 4.0 (dependent on measured characteristic), due to their robust construction and three-point carbide blade guide pads poor squareness of 0.2mm to 0.5mm is improved to typically better than 0.1mm per 30mm the poor surfacefinish resulting from a band saw is replaced by a ‘milled’ finish (depending on the material properties)
  • small trim cuts and bar end (typically 10mm and 100mm), and no out-of-spec components, mean high yield from raw material (exact figures are dependent on raw material length and component length)
  • the saws clamp the material in front of and behind the saw blade, to prevent the heavy breakoff tags and burrs often found on band-sawn components: these components are CNC machine-ready, bringing significantly fewer misfeeds or jams in hopper-fed machines
  • intelligent machine design eliminates almost all swarf contamination from the bins with cut blanks: components can be discharged straight to bins with no swarf carry-through, again reducing the risk of jamming hopper-fed CNC machines
  • the components have a minimal residual coating of oil on cut surfaces, as the machine uses a total consumption lubrication system: this means no coolant build-up in bins, and dry swarf.
accurate cutting forging billets sawn to length
cut forging billets in stillage
sawn bearing tube material
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