Cutting case studies

Our case studies show how we’ve achieved savings for our customers, while also meeting strong technical challenges.

    RLC Callender (Aerospace manufacturer) sawing cell

    Saw shop 3 overhead view

    The precise band-sawing of titanium by Accurate Cutting Services enables the fan blade machining cell at Callender’s to make parts for use in Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Witney “hollow fan” aero-engines.

    More than 10 years of service to Callender says that the company is getting this crucial operation exactly right.

    Sawn forgings blanks case study – sawing service

    Sawn billets carbide circular saw

    Cutting bars into forging billets, to carefully controlled weight and length tolerances, close to where its customer needs them, Accurate Cutting Services enables Stokes Forgings Group to run its stocks very lean. The customer receives the cut pieces only on the day they are wanted.

    The company cuts a wide range of carbon, alloy, bearing and micro-alloy steels using carbide circular saws, providing input to its customer’s press and hammer forges.

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