PERRIS 350 SA-PN high speed circular cut off saw


The Pedrazzoli high speed circular cut off saw for light alloys offers a unique sawing solution for angled cuts with the ability to be set for both left and right rotation, and head tilt up to 45° from the vertical to provide complex compound cuts


  • Mechanism for the tilt of head block for angled cuts up to 60° left , 45° right and 45° off the vertical.
  • Two pneumatic vices adjustable both lengthwise and laterally.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for head movement, with brake for speed adjustment.
  • Two speeds of blade rotation obtainable by means of inversion of the pulleys.
  • Perfectly balanced head, tilting upon shielded ball bearings.
  • Drive pedal for semi-automatic cycle.
  • Emergency push button with key on control panel.
  • Oil mist unit.
  • Complete protection guard with rapid blade change system.
  • Bar stop with millimetric bar positionable on both sides of machine.
  • Pedestal in welded metal sheet, 49 kg.
  • Instruction book for use and maintenance.
  • Set of wrenches for the maintenence.


  • Piece loading and unloading table.
  • Vertical pneumatic anti-burr vice.
  • Coolant liquid.
PedrazzoliPedrazzoli Perris 350SA-PN high speed circular cut off sawBlade sharpening service

Julia coated HSS circular saw blades

kW 2.2
RPM 2400 / 3400
mm 177
mm 350
Kg 190
dBA 89
45 deg left 0 deg 45 deg right 45 deg tilt
mm 95 100 95 55
mm 95 95 90 50
mm 130 x 55 155 x 90 130 x 55 150 x 40


This machine is supplied with a foot pedal that starts the cutting cycle that must be placed 1.5 metres from the machine for safe operation. Please ensure you read the safety instruction regarding this in the manual when installing the machine.

Alternative options that allow for the foot pedal to be placed adjacent to the saw MUST include some additional guarding arrangements that prevent the operator from coming into contact with the saw blade or vices when the machine is started.

Additional installation specific guarding is not supplied with the machine as it depends on the specific application and risk assessments carried out on the process and machine. For further information, please call.