PERRIS 350 AP compound mitre automatic circular saw

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The Perris compound mitre saw is a rapid cut off machine for aluminium and light alloys. Flexibility of operation and high cutting accuracy make this machine the most reliable solution when cutting non-ferrous sections.


The graduated turntable rotates on hardened ball bearings with automatic stops at 90°, 45° right and 45° left and manual locking for intermediate angles. The cutting head can also be tiled up to 45° in the vertical plane for bevel cuts.


  • Mechanism for the rotation of head block for angled cuts up to 60° left, 45° right and 45° off the vertical.
  • Two pneumatic vices adjustable both lengthwise and laterally.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for head movement, with brake for speed adjustment.
  • Two speeds of blade rotation obtainable by means of inversion of the pulleys.
  • Perfectly balanced head, tilting upon shielded ball bearings.
  • 600 mm step feeder controlled by pneumatic cylinder
  • Repeater up to maximum of 9 steps so as to reach a total stroke of 5400 mm.
  • Maximum opening of feeder collet = 160 mm.
  • Programmable piece counter.
  • Minimum scrap on final cut = 360 mm.
  • Feeder speed adjustment valve.
  • Ammeter.
  • Emergency push button with key and lockable switch on control panel.
  • Vaporizer.
  • Complete protection guard with rapid blade change system.
  • Instruction book for use and maintenance.
  • Set of wrenches for the maintenence.

Julia coated HSS circular saw bladesACCESSORIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

  • Sectional pedestal in metal sheet, 34 kg.
  • Pedestal in welded metal sheet, 49 kg.
  • Roller table for piece loading and unloading.
  • Coolant liquid.




Technical data

kW 2.2
RPM 2400 / 3400
mm 177
mm 350
Kg 390
dBA 89



45 deg left 90 deg 45 deg right 45 deg vert
mm 95 100 95 50
mm 95 95 90 50
mm 130 x 55 155 x 90 130 x 55 150 x 40

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