17th June 2016
Accurate Cutting - splitting centrispun cast rings

Simplifying manufacturing processes using sawing service

This centrifugally cast compressor casing for a land-based turbine generator sawn into two equal pieces on one of our largest horizontal bandsaws in our sawing service. This casing measures 1350mm long and 1450mm in diameter with a wall thickness of 200mm, but we can accommodate up to 2000mm.
17th June 2016

Specialist cutting service using heavy-duty bandsaws

Specialist, heavy-duty vertical band saws, used by Accurate Cutting Services, produce substantial economies by profiling blanks to remove excess material in bulk, prior to machining. The removal of the excess material can substantially reduce machining time and tooling costs. Using a band-saw blade, less material is turned into swarf or chippings, 2mm or 3mm kerf loss being typical, and the offcuts are available for use or for sale as prime stock rather than scrap.
17th June 2016

High Speed Volume Sawing

The carbide circular sawing machines installed by Accurate Cutting Services, used in volume production throughout the day and night, are capable of cutting up to 110mm diameter steel or aluminium material, to a very high standard of precision.
17th June 2016
Precision sawn billets

Cost advantages from carbide circular sawing technology

Close tolerance sawn billets up to 100mm diameter or square, +0.25/-0mm, (depending on material dimensional stability) can be produced volume quantities, using full Statistical Process Control if required. Provides a very accurate blank for cut-to-weight applications where the volume of material required to fill a die is critical. Carbide circular sawing cuts are virtually burr-free, with surface finishes so fine that further machining is often unnecessary.
17th June 2016
Accurate Cutting Services Ltd - sectioning castings

Large job bandsaw capacity at Redditch

Accurate Cutting has a heavy duty Soitaab gantry bandsaw of up to 2000mm capacity to enable cutting large castings, forgings and fabrications. The gantry saw allows jobs to be more accurately positioned on the table, and the saw is moved over the job on linear rails enabling multiple cuts without repositioning.
17th June 2016
1000lb concrete

(Non) Explosive success…. 1000lb sawing concrete filled test bomb!

This was a test cut using a metal cutting horizontal bandsaw and a carbide tipped bandsaw blade for a customer sawing concrete filled test bomb casing. Of course, we're never told why. In this case, cutting concrete, inclusive of aggregate etc., wouldn't be a normal application for a carbide tipped blade, however, as we were sawing a steel case at the same time, an abrasive blade was unlikely to survive.