Amada PC330 automatic pulse bandsaw

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Pulse sawing - advanced technology

Amada PC330 pulse cutting bandsaw

Pulse Cutting Bandsaw PC330

Single pulse cutting cancels the vibrations that occur during the penetration force. This technology decreases cutting resistance whilst increasing blade life and cutting rates. Increased blade life is now guaranteed without sacrificing productivity.

What is pulse cutting? Watch the video to find out:


Advantages of pulse cutting

  • Less material waste
  • Fast cutting
  • Reduced production times
  • Low noise levels
  • Low vibration
  • Low blade wear
SCP103H swarf compactor

Amada performance bandsaw blades

Service and spares

Round (diameter) 30 – 330 mm
Rectangle (W x H) 330 x 330 mm
Load capacity 2000 kg
Saw blade Dimensions (L x T x W) 4115 x 0.9 x 41 mm
Blade speed 15-120 m/min, Inverter
Tension control Hydraulic
Blade control Top limit setting Automatic setting with fast approach feeler
Cutting control Hydraulic pressure & flow control valves
Material feed Type Split vice
Control Hydraulic full-stroke cylinder
Stroke 500 mm
Length 10 – 9999.9 mm
Number of user programmes 1-99
Number of cut off pieces 1-9999
Bar end length 58 mm


Saw blade motor 3.7 kW
Hydraulic pump motor 1.5 kW
Pulse cutting motor 0.2 kW
Coolant pump motor 0.18 kW
Power requirement 13 kVA


Cutting fluid tank capacity 64 Litres
Hydraulic tank capacity 33 Litres
System pressure 3.5 MPa(35 kgf/cm)


With head up (W x L x H) 2175 x 2530 x 1891 mm
With head down (W x L x H) 2175 x 2530 x 1891 mm
Table height 700 mm
Machine weight 1800 kg