Thicknessing oversize plate by bandsawing – sawing service

thicknessing plate

With material inventory costs high, and turnover low especially for special alloys, we are often approached to reduce larger sizes of available stock to smaller dimensions and can offer capacity in our sawing service.

The simplest is plain billetting off from bar stock, but some are more complicated than that, or simply require a particularly large capacity.


Thicknessing plate stock by bandsaw sawing service

Here we are thicknessing stock plate within our sawing service to produce 3 plates of much thinner stock for a specific application. We can thickness material up to 2000mm wide to any thickness required.

Bandsaw thicknessing plate produces little waste

At Accurate, we maintain capacity to saw cross-sections as large as 2000 x 1800mm and 1000 x 6000mm (though sometimes larger depending….).

Thicknessing up to 2000mm wide and 1800mm high

Contact the cutting office team to discuss how we can help with your material souring problems.

Thicknessed plate maximises yield with Accurates sawing service

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