Bandsawing to remove excess material

Using bandsawing to remove excess material prior to machining – reduces machining time, produces reusable pieces of material instead of swarf, reduces waste and facilitates sourcing of ideally sized material from oversize stock.

Excessing and rough shaping

Sawing out large sections of forged blocks prior to machining saves spindle hours on mills. Cut to holes to remove middle sections or trim sides to remove bulk excess or bevel faces.

Thicknessing oversize plate by bandsawing – sawing service

With material inventory costs high, and turnover low especially for special alloys, we are often approached to reduce larger sizes of available stock to smaller dimensions and can offer capacity in our sawing service.

Large job bandsaw capacity at Redditch

Accurate Cutting has a heavy duty Soitaab gantry bandsaw of up to 2000mm capacity to enable cutting large castings, forgings and fabrications. The gantry saw allows jobs to be more accurately positioned on the table, and the saw is moved over the job on linear rails enabling multiple cuts without repositioning.