SN 300 SA IDR bandsaw

2 Speed Three-phase (V 400 – 50 Hz, other voltages upon request)

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All main machine components are in cast iron. Very robust structure reduces noise level and vibrations during cutting cycle.

  • Motor is in vertical positionto reduce dimensions at rear, the transmission is made by means of a worm drive gearbox in oil bath (1:40 ratio).
  • Large circular support base: it offers an ample surface to support piece during cutting cycle and allows to reach a high grade of precision in cutting perpendicularity. It rotates over a tempered ball track giving maximum smoothness during rotation.
  • Adjustable bow positionby means of a key on eccentric bushing for 90° cuts, by means of mechanical stops at 45° right & 45-60° left.
  • Blade guides: they drive the blade sliding by means of widia hard metal plaques with bearings on eccentric bushings.
  • Hydraulic cylinderfor adjustable vice motion. It can be positioned lengthwise along the entire machine
    base. Vice features: rapid closing, closing hand wheel, flat adjustable gib plate.
  • Retractable and adjustable vice shoulders.Pushing back the retractable vice shoulder, it is possible to reach the maximum cutting capacity (330 x 150 mm, at 90°). The adjustable vice shoulder allow always to obtain a precise alignment.
  • Blade tightening device:this is the best solution for a constant and uniform blade tension.
  • Blade lubrication cooling systemwith electric pump and two adjustable taps placed on blade guides.
  • Control panellocated in an easily accessible position.
  • Blade start switchwith “man present” guard. The safety switch for blade drive is guarded by a cover against accidental start-up. It works in low voltage.
  • Drive pedalfor semiautomatic cutting cycle.
  • The hinged bowis moved on a support with conical bearings.
  • Double emergency push buttonlocated in front of the machine frame for greater safety in case of need.
  • Electronic safety sensorto stop blade motion in case of slippaging or breakage of the same.


  • Laser cutting indicator
  • Clamp pressure regulator
  • Micromist lubrication
  • Vertical anti-burr clamp
  • Electronic speed variator
  • Loading & unloading conveyors

DIMENSIONS > 1400 x 1500 x 1800 mm

WEIGHT > 490 kg


Cutting capacity

> Round tubes
45° sx: 160 mm

0: 220 mm

45° dx: 200 mm

60°: 130 mm

> Square profiles
45° sx: 120 mm

0: 190 mm

45° dx: 150 mm

60°: 110 mm

> Rectangular profiles
45° sx: 160 x 130 mm

0: 330 x 150 mm

45° dx: 160 x 130 mm

60°: 110 x 110 mm