Reclamation and Investigation through sawing

Reclamation and Investigation through sawing

Major benefits from reclamation and investigation

Substantial cost savings and valuable knowledge can be gained through reclamation and component failure investigation, where large, machined components or fabrications are sectioned using heavy duty band-saw machines at Accurate Cutting Services.

Thermally sensitive or heat-treated materials can be worked without producing heat-affected zones, contamination, or the distortion which can be associated with gas-, plasma- or laser-cutting processes.

Discontinuous or voided work-pieces, mixtures of insulating and conducting materials, and combinations of metals and non-metals may all be worked simultaneously.


Aluminium heat exchanger being sawn for analysisThis aluminium heat exchanger is being sawn into sections for metallurgical analysis, after failure during pressure testing. The unit is 6000mm long and 1100mm square (although this is not the largest that the company has sectioned).

This saw has a 1500mm diameter or square capacity (though with ingenuity the company has managed up to 1700mm).

Recovering turbine shaft by bandsawing

Power generator turbine shafts can be sectioned for investigation or reclamation. Here a turbine shaft, complete with blade disks, is being cut to allow the removal of the disks intact.

Turbine shaftTurbine shaftTurbine shaft being cut for reclamation

Sawing applications

Ships propeller
This ships’ propeller, cast in bronze, required two cuts to remove the casting headers. The propeller was over 1900mm in overall diameter, yet Accurate Cutting Services completed the cut on its 1500mm machine.


Shackleton propeller mould
This block was one of the last remaining Shackleton aircraft propeller moulds. It is shown being sawn to recover the base material for a new mould.

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