Precision metal cutting service

High speed precision metal cutting sawing service offering fast turnround of billets and blanks from 10mm diameter to 150mm diameter in all metals at the best tolerances and finish quality.

    Cost advantages from carbide circular sawing technology


    Accurate Cutting Services operates machines which embody the latest advances in production sawing technology, including the latest carbide circular-sawing technology.

    High speed volume sawing for automotive components

    Precision carbide circular sawing

    Today’s buyers want higher quality at lower prices, delivered just-in-time. Suppliers have to remove time and costs, as far as possible, from the component-manufacturing process.

    We enable customers to achieve significant savings through reduced material loss, improved tool life and lower WIP, from closer tolerances in the initial stages of CNC machining, and no (or fewer) feeder jams or broken tooling/dies.

    Sawing service enquiry

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