8th February 2022
Titanium heat exchanger sectioning

Profiling and Sectioning: What Does It Mean?

There are various ways to cut through metals, and these techniques include profiling and sectioning. Learn more about these by reading this article.
8th February 2022
Accurate Cutting Services Ltd - cutting profiles

Profiling and Sectioning: Why Is It Useful?

If you are looking for service providers that offer profiling and sectioning services, Accurate Cutting Services Ltd can do it for you. Dial 01527 527058 now!
5th November 2021
Removing excess material prior to machining

Excessing and rough shaping

Sawing out large sections of forged blocks prior to machining saves spindle hours on mills. Cut to holes to remove middle sections or trim sides to remove bulk excess or bevel faces.
2nd November 2021
Sawn plate reduced to strip

Resizing stock materials

Materials are not always available in ideal sizes. Accurate can reduce plate in most metals to strip, or squares/rectangles nearer net size ready for further processing, leaving usable/re-saleable solid offcuts.
30th September 2021

Why You Need Quality Cutting Services

There are a number of options to get a variety of metal cutting machines to complete any manufacturing or industrial operation. If you work in these environments, […]
20th July 2021

Abrasive Cut-Off Machines: What Are They Used For?

Cutting tubes, bars, and metals sheets are made easy with several types of cutting machines, such as cold saws, band saws, lasers, shears, waterjets, and abrasive cutting machines.  […]