Circular saw blade HSS coated – Julia – Iron Lady

Circular saw blade HSS coated – Julia – Iron Lady

Iron Lady

An innovative blade with the toughness of steel but the performance of carbide. The result: hardness, toughness, finish and durability – all you need for an excellent cut but using only one blade: IRON LADY

  • HSS steel saw blade with hardness values above 900 HV and an extra fine grained structure
  • Multilayer PVD coating with a surface hardness of > 3650 HV
  • Innovative production process with very tight manufacturing controls
  • Teeth with a specific profile for high performance cuts
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IRON LADY HSS circular saw blade reaches a new technical high, allowing you to work with high strength and stainless steels achieving higher cutting performance, even under poor lubrication conditions.

The metallurgists and engineers of our research and development team have achieved excellent results, on which they are building new techniques to meet future challenges in cutting high specification materials.