Amada Chip Compactor SCP103H

Amada Chip Compactor SCP103H

The Amada chip compactor SCP103H is specially designed for the handling of various shapes of swarf and chips which result from turning, milling and cutting processes.

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An ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that your manufacturing processes are operating within international standards for environmental management systems and contribute to the protection of the environment.


  • Reduction of chip volume in your container (1:5 cast iron chips, 1:50 steel chips)
  • Recycling of inherent lubricant
  • Reduction of surrounding contamination
  • Higher sales revenue from chips by making briquettes
  • Reduction of staff costs due to reduced handling intensity
  • Higher melt yield compared to single chips
  • Positive decision related to environmental audits

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The hopper receives swarf and chips, wet or dry. A vertical screw and a horizontal screw are built into the hopper. The vertical screw forces the chips into the compression chamber and the horizontal screw rotates intermittently during the automatic operation of the machines to evenly spread the chips removing the need for a special chip breaker and preventing the ‘balling’ of swarf that causes jams.

Up to 95% of the coolant fluid on the chips can be recovered, and after separate filtering can be returned to the cutting machines for reuse. This dramatically reduces the wasted coolant that is dragged out on wet swarf, resulting in less waste and reduced costs especially where high performance and expensive coolants are in use.

The size of the briquettes can be altered via two independent adjustments.

An Amada chip compactor recoupes it’s cost from recyclable material and coolant recovery and reuse.

Application areasCast iron, copper, bronze, stainless steel, tool steel

Q + T steel, construction steel, Aluminium

Possible chip shapesShort chips, long chips, turning chips
Press force65.000kgs
Briquette size (Diameter)80mm
Compression pressure195MPa (1.950 bar)
Hopper volume100Liters
MotorHydraulic motor11kW
Screw motorVertical 0,75
Horizontal 0,40
Machine dimension (W x L x H)995 x 2.530 x 1.900mm
Machine weight2.200kgs
Hopper height1.190mm