Pedrazzoli ADB142M Deburring Machine

Pedrazzoli ADB142M Deburring Machine

Deburring machine can carry out brush deburring of tubular sections without the operator having to rotate the tube in order to deburr all edges.

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Deburring machine can carry out brush deburring of tubular sections without the operator having to rotate the tube in order to deburr all edges.

The ADB 142 M deburrs pipes and profiles ends, using brushes which rotate and spin their axis in order to achieve a brushing action in all directions relative to the axis of the tube, which therefore does not require that the tube be rotated by hand.

A series of plates to allow manual adjustment to adapt the entrance hole to the size of the material, whether it be round, square, rectangular or other section. Fitted with two brushes from diameter 300 x 55 mm (supplied) or, to obtain the maximum capacity of deburring they may be replaced by six brushes of diameter 380 x 25 mm (on request). Also provided are the spacers that allow the mounting of a single brush, in case you should deburring tubes with a maximum diameter of 50 mm. The deburring machine is composed of:

A steel base, with drawer swarf container system and fitting for the addition of a vacuum extractor.
A head deburring double motor with inverter for varying brush speeds and head rotation.
A range of plates to fit the diameter of the pipe work, with support for V-symmetrical sections and support plan for rectangular sections and crosscuts.

Tube (round or square section) does not need to turned by hand during deburring.
Can fit brushes with 300 or 380mm OD.
Supplied with different adjustable front plates to be used according to diameter / section of material to be deburred.
Range of 12-142 mm diameter or square tubes
Can even deburr sections cut at an angle


MAX deburring brushes with Ø 300 mmmm110 ROUND
SQUARE 80 x 80
MAX deburring brushes with Ø 380 mmmm142 ROUND
SQUARE 100 x 100
Deburring round tubes at 90 °mmMIN 12
MAX 142
Deburring rectangular tubes at 45 ° – 90 °mmMAX 130 x 80


Brushes supplied standardmm Ø 300 x 55
Brushes optional on requestmm Ø 380 x 25
Length of brushes (25×6)mm150
Diameter hole brushesmm50.8
Spherical brushes dragmm12 x 7
Brush rotation speed at 50 Hz (inverter)RPM700 – 1700
Number of discs brush2
Motor brusheskW4
Engine orbital rotationkW12:35
Speed ??orbital rotationRPM60
Overall dimensions machinemm1100 x 650 x 1400

The deburring machine ADB 142 M, in its standard configuration, comes equipped with:

Safety devices.
Series of plates manually adjustable to fit entrance hole.
Spacers for the mounting of a single brush.

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