Soitaab 2000mm gantry bandsaw

Soitaab 2000mm gantry bandsaw

Gantry saw – capacity 2000 x 2000 x 5000

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The structure is made of electric-weld and normalised steel thickness 0-60 with stiffening ribs that allow the basement to support in an excellent way the load it has to support. On the basement are placed two uprights which slide on ball guides covered with suitable defence. On the basement are placed the chip conveyor, the cooling tank, the hydraulic system, the cables and the services tubes. Thanks to a custom system the pieces are fixed in a very easy way.

Moving gantry (bow)
The gantry is made of welded and normalised steel up to 50mm thick. It is structured and tensioned to support the maximum load it is rated for (band tension 9000/12000 Kg).

On the gantry it is possible to mount both 67 x 1,6 or 80 x 1,6 blades. The blade drive motor and gearbox is built into the gantry and all drive wheels protected behind large doors.

The vertical movement is driven by ball screws and anti-friction materials used for the gantry vertical guides. The vertical movement is driven by a stepper motor whose speed is adjustable from 0 to 2000 mm/min.

Horizontal movement of the gantry is driven by another ball screw, gearbox and stepper motor and runs on linear bearings. The speed is adjustable from 0 to 3000 mm/min.

The unique features of a gantry saw allow cutting in 90° range of directions from horizontal to vertical. The machine is provided with manual rotating 90° blade guides. These allow the machine to be set to cut either horizontally or vertically. The control system provides feed the vertical and horizontal gantry drives to allow diagonal cuts to be performed.

Mobile Vices Group
No. 1 mobile vices group on portal (1 right and 1 left). The vices are made of hardened steel and they are sliding on precision guides in contact with anti-friction material. Their motion is actuated by a dynamic cylinder on which it is possible to intervene to adjust the thrust pressure. On manual feeding every vice can be moved separately.

Blade Guides
Bearings and hard metal guide-plates, which are placed in very hard thickness material, allow a perfect band guide. The motion of the blade guide, to draw near the cutting piece, is actuated by a dynamic cylinder. They can rotate 90° to allow the lengthwise cut.

Super automatic
This model is a very cutting machine tool with three axis. The axis are totally controlled by PLC and by an advanced electronics. The cutting process is continuously monitored by the software. The software, by the connection of cutting subroutines such as blade speed, guides the operator. In this way the possibility of human mistakes is limited. Recalling the subroutines, using progressive number depending on materials typology and sizes, the bandsaw machine is able to cut automatically. The cutting programs, created by the operator, can be recalled according to the necessity and the can have a password. These features used with advanced technology allow the saw machine to have excellent cutting performances.

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system is build with very reliability materials (Aron o Berarma o Rexroth), and it provides for the machine services.

Electric equipment
They are located in a cabinet separated from the machine. The cabinet has got a window with a general switch provided with a door blockage to prevent the opening when the current is on. The equipments are connected to the systems side by a multipolar plug/tap. In the cabinet are located the logic to manage the machine cycle, the driving gears for the continuous variation of the blade speed rotation and the arc feeding.

Built in accordance with the CE standard regulations.

Standard Documents
Instructions Book
Service keys
CE certifications
CE trade mark
CE Plate on machines side
Electric plan

Cutting capacitywidth2000mm
stroke Length5000mm
Blade motorpower23,3kw
Hydraulic motorpower7.5kw
Cooling pump motorpower1hp
Hydraulic equipmentAron, Berarma
Electric equipmentSiemens, Telemecanique and Lenze
Blade speed0-100mm
Horizontal feed speed0-5000mm
Vertical feed speed0-2000mm
Blade size16.920 x 80 x 1.6mm
Cutting Table height410mm

Structure – chemical polishing and painting grey colour ral 7016
Mobile parts – chemical polishing and painting yellow colour ral 1018
Electrical cabinet – chemical polishing and painting grey colour ral 7032
Chip Conveyor included
Stroke increasing of the portal by a metre
Rotating blade guide to horizontal cutting manual
Interpolate Axis for cross cutting
Automatic blade running-in
External protections according to CE rules

The functional test of the machine will be at our factory in the presence of the buyer.

Warranty terms and condition
12 (twelve) months from installation and commissioning.