Large job bandsaw capacity at Redditch

Accurate Cutting Services Ltd - sectioning castings

Accurate Cutting has recently installed a new heavy duty Soitaab gantry bandsaw of up to 2000mm capacity to enable faster customer service. The gantry saw allows jobs to be more accurately positioned on the table, and the saw is moved over the job on linear rails enabling multiple cuts without repositioning.

As well as the standard vertical cuts, this bandsaw can cut horizontally and diagonally at angles between 0 and 90 degrees.

Cutting blocks in two directions without repositioning
Angled cutting - from 0 to 90 degrees

Cylinder split vertically on Soitaab gantry saw

Splitting ring or cylinder to smaller rings
Soitaab gantry saw at Accurate Cutting - multi-axes cutting

17.5 tonne casting on Soitaab Gantry saw at Redditch

Cutting runners, risers and excess from large castings up to 25 tonnes is a breeze on a gantry saw.

Soitaab manufacture gantry saws of up to 3000mm with up to two sawing heads on one bed to facilitate toping and tailing simultaneously and plate and block saws up to 9000mm run length and in two directions.