Band Saw Machines: What Are They Used For?

Band Saw Machines: What Are They Used For?

Many industrial buildings and factories are equipped with band saw machines. They’re used in many ways. However, they’re known for their precise cutting abilities. Essentially, a band saw is a power tool with a lengthy and sharp resaw blade. It is composed of a permanent band of teeth that wraps around a wheel to cut the workpiece.  

Most band saws contain two wheels that rotate continuously to support the cutting motion of the equipment. As for the blades, you can find a comprehensive range of size and tooth pitches depending on their purpose. The size of the tooth allows the saw machine to cut various kinds of materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood.  

Different tooth pitches and saw sizes may be used either for woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering. Let’s take a deep dive into the common uses of a bandsaw.

1. Woodworking

If you’re into woodworking, band saws can be the best tool to get the job done. They can help complete crosscuts, straight cuts, or even freehand cuts. You can also use them for defining the ends of your workpiece since the machine is ideal for cutting larger pieces into smaller, more detailed ones. 

2. Lumber Cuts

Since the 1800s, band saw machines are famous for ripping lumber. Ripping is a method of cutting down large pieces of lumber by the side of the grain. This is among the best ways to cut larger pieces of wood into smaller and more functional parts.  

Since the band saw machine is kitted with large table size, it effortlessly cuts lumber pieces and leads to a lineup of compound wood chunks and pieces.

3. Cutting Metal

Cutting metal is more challenging than cutting wood. Many tradesmen use band saw machines to quickly cut through metal without compromising the sharpness and quality of the cut.  

The robust blade of the band saw is not only perfect for cutting wood. It is highly effective and precise in cutting metal sheets and pieces. Whether you are cutting metal sheets, tubes, and pipes, you can easily change the blade to your desired tooth pitch and size. This way, you can quickly get the results you need.

4. Re-sawing

Re-sawing is another difficult cutting job. It involves the process of cutting wood or metal boards into different pieces with varying thickness. While other types of saws find this task hard to do, band saw machines can seamlessly deliver the results you want.  

Whenever you are re-sawing wood or metal, always remember to apply a little bit of pressure on the object. This way, you can guarantee a cleaner and straighter cut. You must also remember to check if you have the right blade for the job.

5. Ripping a Cut

Of course, re-sawing wood is a delicate task, so is rip cutting. Like re-sawing, it involves a certain process that cuts a block of wood across its grain. The band saw is an ideal tool to get the job done. It has a slight cutting frame and does not crack the wood during the process.  

To efficiently rip a cut, the blade should also have a lesser number of tooth pitches with large gullets. Typically, a hook-toothed blade with three of four tooth pitches per inch will ultimately get the job done.

6. Cutting Circles

Band saws excel in cutting smooth curves because of their narrow blade. You can use them to cut most nonsymmetrical shapes and workpieces freehand. As long as you keep the cutting process slow and steady, it can result in a cleaner cut that may require a little bit of sanding,  

However, it may be quite an experience cutting perfect circles. Luckily, you can solve this problem with a simple jig. Whenever you use a jig, you won’t have to worry about jagged and asymmetrical cuts. In fact, you can cut a perfect circle every time on the band saw without the need to follow a cutline.

In Conclusion

As a beginner or an expert carpenter, you may find band saw machines useful to complete your projects. If you are looking for band saw machines and blades, check out our comprehensive range of products at Accurate Cutting Services. Let our team help you figure out which ones suit your needs best.  

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