SUPER BROWN 351 AP automatic mitre circular saw


Pedrazzoli Super Brown 351ap automatic circular saw

Pedrazzoli automatic circular saw with mitre capability suitable for use with a 350mm diameter HSS saw blade for ferrous and non-ferrous cutting.

Variable blade speed drive

Pedrazzoli variable drive unit

The Pedrazzoli circular saws are fitted with a patented variable speed drive that allows variable adjustment of the blade speed to suit material requirements and blade diameter. This ensures clean, burr free cuts with optimum blade life.


Fully automatic operation

Variable blade speed optimum for cutting

Reversible blade direction for tubes

Left and right hand mitre cutting


  • Mechanism using adjustable self-lubricating bushes for rotation of the head for angled cuts up to 45° left with locking lever.
  • Pneumatic vices with removable anti-burr clamp.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for head movement with brake for feed adjustment.
  • Transmission through double expandable pulleys for variable speeds between 15 and 90 RPM and direction reverser.
  • 600mm feed length controlled by pneumatic cylinder (max 9 feeds to achieve a total stroke of 5400mm) with adjustable feed speed valve.
  • Maximum opening of feed vice = 160mm. Minimum remainder length = 160mm.
  • Control panel includes a programmable piece counter, ammeter and emergency push button with key and lockable switch.
  • Blade lubrication-cooling system with tank, removable electric pump.
  • Complete protection guard with rapid blade change system.
  • Material in-feed support arm with sliding roller.
  • Circular HSS blade ø 350mm.
  • Blade cleaning roller.
  • Set of tools and instruction book for use and maintenance.
  • Warranty Certificate and CE Compliance Statement



    45 left 0 deg 45 right 60 right
Round tube mm 115 115
Square tube mm 95 90
Rectangular mm 160 x 90 120 x 80
Motor power kw 1.5
Blade speeds RPM 15 – 90 variable
Max vice opening mm 170
Blade diameter mm 350
Weight kg 420
Overall dimensions mm 1300 x 1350 x 1600
Height to table mm 950