SUPER BROWN 2000 SA mitre circular saw

PedrazzoliSuper Brown 2000 SA mitre circular saw
Blade sharpening service

The SUPER BROWN 2000 SA mitre circular saw is a ideal machine for cutting short batches of material in long lengths where a mitre is required on each end.


  • Safety switch for blade drive on lever hand grip.
  • Complete protection guard with rapid blade change system.
  • Emergency push button with key on control panel.
  • Two-speed switch.
  • Head tilting on adjustable self-lubricating bushings.
  • Mechanism for the rotation of head block for angled cuts up to 60° left and 45° right with locking lever.
  • Lateral head movement unit for 45° cuts left and longitudinal cuts.
  • Support crank which allows to cut with the same ease and output big pieces (crank forward) and small pieces (crank back).
  • Manual vice with rapid clamping.
  • Refrigerating liquid vat with immersion pump to reduce overall dimensions
  • Bar stop with millimetric bar.
  • Circular blade 275Ø.
  • Instruction book for use and maintenance.
  • Set of wrenches for maintenance.

Julia coated HSS circular saw blades












  • Sectional pedestal in sheet metal, 34 kg.
  • Pedestal in welded sheet metal, 49 kg.
  • Roller table for piece loading and unloading.
  • Coolant liquid.