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Julia blade coating technology

Julia blade coating technologyBlade sharpening service

To obtain the maximum performance of the Julia blade coating technology it’s necessary to grant very high standards of the substrate and to properly prepare the blade surface so that the adhesion of the surface coating will result optimised. To guarantee these results Julia has developed a special protocol in preparing the blades. This protocol comprises the grinding of the surface to be coated up to a superficial roughness lower than 0,3 Rz, a cleaning with chemical activation of the surfaces and a subsequent treatment under absence of air which leave the surface perfectly clean, without oxidations and dried, so that the deposited layer can ave the maximum adhesiveness .
After the surface treatment all our blades undergo a further check of run-out and flatness, and, where found out of tolerance, the blades are tensioned again.

All our range of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings is produced inside Julia Utensili under the supervision of our Quality Control Dept., who assures the high quality of the resulting products.

Our coatings have now simple names to help our customers to remember them but also to underline their high degree of specialty when compared to standard coatings as TiN, TiCN, etc.


Grey Shark Coating

HSS blade coating grey shark

Coating with a 2,5 µm thickness. Obtained from a Titanium/Carbon plasma which gives to it the high hardness of 3.000 Vickers (HV 0,05).
The friction coefficient (0,22) is very low, thanks mainly to the strong presence of Carbon; this characteristic makes it very suited for applications where the materials to be cut are very rough, such as inox or medium-alloyed steels with hardnesses up to 800 N/mm².
The low friction coefficient drastically reduces the formation of the built-up edge and of bondings on the side walls of the blade.
This coating needs a high lubrication and cooling during the cutting operation, having an oxidation temperature of 400°.


Red Dragon Coating

HSS blade coating red dragon

Multilayer coating with a 2,5 µm thickness.
Obtained from a plasma with special stoichiometric mix of Titanium, Carbon and Acetylene, as to realise nano-layers which confer to this coating a very low friction coefficient of 0,18, added to a very high hardness of the deposited strate of 3.200 Vickers (HV 0,05).
These two properties guarantee to the blade high performances drastically reducing wear and chip welding problems to improve the cut finish.This coating has an oxidation temperature of approx. 470°C and consequently must be used with lubrorefrigeration.

It’s well suited for the cutting of stainless steels, Titanium, high alloyed steels and for cutting brass and copper.


Black Hawk Coating

HSS blade coating black hawk

Multi-layer coating with a thickness of 3 µm. The plasma is obtained from the fusion of a Titanium and Aluminium cathode in a special percentage. The special atmosphere of the process and the high energies involved allow the creation of a layer with excellent characteristics, which grant a very high thermal resistance to the substrate. The resulting oxidation temperature is 800°C and the resulting surface hardness is 3.400 Vickers (HV 0,05).
The friction coefficient is 0,45 and this permits to use the circular saws also when cutting without or with low cooling or micro-nebulization.
It’s suggested when cutting high alloyed steels up to 1100 N/mm², for cutting cast iron, stainless steel and all material developing a high thermal energy.


Yellow Tiger Coating

HSS blade coatings yellow tiger

Coating with a thickness of 3 µm, Titanium based, obtained with a process temperature of approx. 490°C.
It guarantees a friction coefficient of 0,47 and a max. oxidation temperature of 640°C. The hardness of the coated surface reaches 2.480 Vickers (HV 0,05).
Its low thermal conductivity grants a high thermal shield to the substrate.
It’s excellent for cutting low-alloyed building steels and must be used with an efficient cooling system.Not suitable for brass, copper and bronze.


Silver Fox Coating

HSS blade coating silver fox

Multi-layer coating with a thickness of 2,5 µm opaque grey coloured. The particular and innovative mix of noble elements which compose it gives it a hardness of 3.650 Vickers (HV 0,05) not reached by any other coating. This new coating is very tenacious, very resistant to high temperatures (far over the hardening limit of the HSS blades) but, it differs from other coatings because it doesn’t need to reach high temperatures to obtain the best performances. It is highly recommended for high speed cuts (HSC) with critical cutting parameters, where the performance losses due to the cutting speed increase is sensibly lower than with other traditional coating.
The friction coefficient is 0,45 and this permits to use the circular saws both when cutting without or with low cooling or micro-nebulization or when cutting with plenty of cooling.
It’s suggested when cutting high alloyed steels up to 1000 N/mm², stainless steel and all material developing a high thermal energy.