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Julia coated HSS circular saw blades using a multi-layer coating with a thickness of 2.5 µm opaque grey coloured. The particular and innovative mix of noble elements which compose it gives it a hardness of 3.650 Vickers (HV 0.05) not reached by any other coating. This new coating is very tenacious, very resistant to high temperatures (far over the hardening limit of the HSS blades) but, it differs from other coatings because it doesn’t need to reach high temperatures to obtain the best performances. It is highly recommended for high speed cuts (HSC) with critical cutting parameters, where the performance losses due to the cutting speed increase is sensibly lower than with other traditional coating.
The friction coefficient is 0.45 and this permits to use the circular saws both when cutting without or with low cooling or micro-nebulization or when cutting with plenty of cooling.
It’s suggested when cutting high alloyed steels up to 1000 N/mm², stainless steel and all material developing a high thermal energy.