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HSS coated circular saw blade red dragon

HSS blade coating red dragon

HSS coated circular saw blade with a multilayer coating on a HSS circular saw blade body with a 2.5 µm thickness layer plasma with special stoichiometric mix of Titanium, Carbon and Acetylene, as to realise nano-layers which confer to this coating a very low friction coefficient of 0.18, added to a very high hardness of the deposited strate of 3.200 Vickers (HV 0.05).
These two properties guarantee to the blade high performances drastically reducing wear and chip welding problems to improve the cut finish.This coating has an obsidation temperature of approx. 470°C and consequently must be used with lubrorefrigeration.

It’s well suited for the cutting of stainless steels, Titanium, high alloyed steels and for cutting brass and copper.