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HSS coated circular saw blade Black Hawk

The Black Hawk coating applied to a Julia HSS coated circular saw blade is a multi-layer coating with a thickness of 3 µm. The plasma is obtained from the fusion of a Titanium and Aluminium cathode in a special percentage. The controlled atmosphere of the process and the high energies involved allow the creation of a layer with excellent characteristics, which give a very high thermal resistance to the substrate. The resulting obsidation temperature is 800°C and the resulting surface hardness is 3.400 Vickers (HV 0.05).

The friction coefficient of 0.45 permits the use of the circular saws when cutting without or with low quantities of coolant or with micro-nebulization.

It’s suggested when cutting high alloyed steels up to 1100 N/mm², for cutting cast iron, stainless steel and all material developing a high thermal energy.


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Coatings are carefully designed for each specific cutting application, our surface coating department is equipped with the machines that use the very latest technology in the field of Physical Vapour Deposition enabling us to deposit a higher number of molecules per surface unit thus greatly improving both the adherence and wearing resistance of the coating. These coatings are unique and are the result of continuous research into mechanics and materials with universities and practical collaboration on applications with leading machine manufacturers and their users. These partners in particular, have allowed Julia to coat their own circular saw blades with surfaces made of nanotapes consisting of noble chemical components (titanium, aluminium, Chromium, Zirconium) whose unique composition our company is very proud of. The close cooperation between our technical department and research centres, machine manufacturers and end users enables our engineers to recommend for each specific application the blade and coating which provides the highest performance in terms of speed, feed rate and durability, all of which guarantee the lowest possible cutting cost.


Black Hawk coatings are available for all blade sizes to suit your application

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