8th February 2022
Titanium heat exchanger sectioning

Profiling and Sectioning: What Does It Mean?

There are various ways to cut through metals, and these techniques include profiling and sectioning. Learn more about these by reading this article.
8th February 2022
Accurate Cutting Services Ltd - cutting profiles

Profiling and Sectioning: Why Is It Useful?

If you are looking for service providers that offer profiling and sectioning services, Accurate Cutting Services Ltd can do it for you. Dial 01527 527058 now!
17th June 2016
Accurate Cutting Services - cutting to remove excess material

Rough Profiling & Sectioning by bandsawing

Accurate Cutting Services specialises in heavy-duty vertical band sawing to produce substantial savings by profiling blanks to remove excess material in bulk - Sectioning by bandsawing. The removal of excess material prior to machining can significantly reduce machining time and reduce tooling costs. The offcuts are available for use or for sale as prime stock, rather than scrap.
14th June 2016

Excessing and profiling to remove material through sawing

Reducing a large piece of stock material to a near net shape using our sawing service to bandsaw off solid pieces saves machining time and tooling costs on second processes, and has the side benefit of leaving off-cuts of usable size rather than turning it all into swarf. Accurate can saw anything whose cutting envelope is within 2000 x 1800mm or 1000 x 6000mm in section, though often we can accommodate greater sizes with a little manoeuvring and reorientation of the job.
14th June 2016
Accurate Cutting Services - rough profiling blocks and plate

Shaping and profiling by bandsaw with our sawing service

Accurates sawing service includes shaping and profiling by bandsaw of block and plate material to achieve a near net shape profile can reduce the time to manufacture items and leaves reusable off-cuts. […]