6th February 2021
Accurate Cutting sawn stainless steel pieces

Precision cutting of stainless steel diameter

Sawing high volumes of stainless steel and other high performance alloys to close tolerances on a latest design Amada bandsaw at our Redditch site.
17th June 2016
Sawn forging billets

Sawn forging blanks case study – sawing service

Cutting bars into forging billets, to carefully controlled weight and length tolerances, close to where its customer needs them, Accurate Cutting Services enables Stokes Forgings Group to run its stocks very lean. The customer receives the cut pieces only on the day they are wanted.
17th June 2016

High Speed Volume Sawing

The carbide circular sawing machines installed by Accurate Cutting Services, used in volume production throughout the day and night, are capable of cutting up to 110mm diameter steel or aluminium material, to a very high standard of precision.
17th June 2016
Precision sawn billets

Cost advantages from carbide circular sawing technology

Close tolerance sawn billets up to 100mm diameter or square, +0.25/-0mm, (depending on material dimensional stability) can be produced volume quantities, using full Statistical Process Control if required. Provides a very accurate blank for cut-to-weight applications where the volume of material required to fill a die is critical. Carbide circular sawing cuts are virtually burr-free, with surface finishes so fine that further machining is often unnecessary.