27th March 2007

RLC Callender (Aerospace manufacturer) sawing cell

Accurate Cutting Services knows exactly how to keep RLC Callender’s VIP customers flying high. The precise band-sawing of titanium by Accurate Cutting Services based in a in-house sawing cell enables the fan blade machining cell at Callender’s to make parts for use in Rolls-Royce and Pratt & […]
4th April 2014

Accurate acquires Birkett

Accurate Cutting Services has acquired Birkett Cutmaster, and is merging the operations, after 45 years of part-collaboration and part-competition, to create a bandsaw sawing resource capable of tackling anything from tubes to turbines, […]
27th August 2015

Sectioning a steam locomotive boiler

We sometimes get asked to cut some unusual items, and for those of us who have ever played with trains as a kid, this job was interesting – […]
14th June 2016

Accurate restores classic motor engines… Sawing multiple metals

This was sectioned for a display using a bandsaw blade on an industrial bandsaw machine sawing multiple metals in one cut. Cylinder sleeves, valves, cam shaft, bearings etc. […]
14th June 2016

Excessing and profiling to remove material through sawing

Reducing a large piece of stock material to a near net shape using our sawing service to bandsaw off solid pieces saves machining time and tooling costs on second processes, […]
14th June 2016

Shaping and profiling by bandsaw with our sawing service

Accurates sawing service includes shaping and profiling by bandsaw of block and plate material to achieve a near net shape profile can reduce the time to manufacture items and leaves reusable off-cuts. […]