23rd June 2016
bandsaw blades

Recovering end plates from heat exchangers

The end plates of heat exchangers are often one of the more expensive parts of the fabrication, and during tube replacement extracting the end plates for reuse during the re-tubing process. […]
23rd June 2016
thicknessing plate

Thicknessing oversize plate by bandsawing – sawing service

With material inventory costs high, and turnover low especially for special alloys, we are often approached to reduce larger sizes of available stock to smaller dimensions and can offer capacity in our sawing service. […]
17th June 2016

Rough Profiling & Sectioning by bandsawing

Valuable savings from rough profiling and sectioning. At Accurate Cutting Services, specialist heavy-duty vertical band saws produce substantial savings by profiling blanks to remove excess material in bulk – […]
17th June 2016

Reclamation and Investigation through sawing

Major benefits from reclamation and investigation Substantial cost savings and valuable knowledge can be gained through reclamation and component failure investigation, where large, machined components or fabrications are sectioned using heavy duty band-saw machines at Accurate Cutting Services. […]
17th June 2016

Simplifying manufacturing processes using sawing service

Advantages from simplifying manufacturing processes using our sawing service. Many manufacturing processes can be simplified significantly by producing an item in one piece and then sectioning it for final machining. […]
17th June 2016

Specialist cutting service using heavy-duty bandsaws

Benefits obtainable from the largest specialist cutting service using heavy-duty bandsaws in the UK. Specialist, heavy-duty vertical band saws, used by Accurate Cutting Services, produce substantial economies by profiling blanks to remove excess material in bulk, […]