Soitaab SVL plate and block bandsaw machine


SVL vertical block bandsaw machine enables longitudinal cutting of plates, sheets and blocks.

The head moves on ball rails and driven by a brushless motor.

Available models are: semi automatic – super automatic, SVL 3000, SVL 4000, SVL 7000 and vertical depth of cut 650 to 1300mm

Main field of application: steel works, steel trade, air industries, aluminium and alloys trade, stainless steel sheets and plates trade, plate working, plastic moulds building.

Soitaab vertical plate and block bandsaw

  • Large capacity plate or block saw
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic or manual mode
  • Heavy duty saw for tough environments
  • Solid construction and heavy duty parts
  • Latest technology
  • High quality engineered parts
  • High cutting performance
  • Cutting precision repeatability
  • Long working life of the blade (material dependant)
  • Simple use of the bandsaw machine
  • Simple loading and unloading