Soitaab SVT vertical cross-cutting bandsaw machine

Soitaab-Friggi vertical cross-cutting bandsaw

SVT vertical cross-cutting bandsaw machine allows cross cutting of plates, sheets, blocks and round pieces through the width.

Available models are: semi automatic – super automatic, SVT 1250, SVT 1500, SVT 2000, SVT 2500, and cutting depth from 650 to 850mm

The main feature of this model is the cross cutting of wide flat material using the vertical blade. The blade works on the smallest cross sectional area of the material, enabling fastest feed rates.

The cutting process is faster and more accurate reducing production costs.

The head moves on ball rails and is driven by a brushless motor.

Main field of application: steel works, steel trade, aluminium and alloys trade.

Soitaab cross-cut vertical bandsaw

  • High speed vertical cutting of thick bars or slab
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic or manual mode
  • Cuts through thin section of slab for fastest cutting rates
  • Solid construction and heavy duty parts
  • Latest technology
  • High quality engineered parts
  • High cutting performance
  • Cutting precision repeatability
  • Long working life of the blade (material dependant)
  • Simple use of the bandsaw machine
  • Simple loading and unloading