Soitaab SVC longitudinal and cross-cutting vertical bandsaw

Soitaab-Friggi SVC vertical bandsaw

SVC combined vertical bandsaw machine allows longitudinal and cross cutting of plates, combining the features of both the SVT and SVL band saw machines.

This vertical bandsaw machine, with rotating blade guides, allows both longitudinal and cross cutting without any repositioning of the piece.

Available models are: super automatic, SVC 6300, SVC 8300 and depth of cut 300 to 650mm.

Main field of application: steel works, steel trade, aluminium and alloys trade, stainless steel sheets and plates trade, plate working.

Soitaab SVC logitudinal and cross-cut vertical bandsaw

  • Cuts in 2 directions to minimise handling of the job
  • Large capacity plate or block saw
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic or manual mode
  • Heavy duty saw for tough environments
  • Solid construction and heavy duty parts
  • Latest technology
  • High quality engineered parts
  • High cutting performance
  • Cutting precision repeatability
  • Long working life of the blade (material dependant)
  • Simple use of the bandsaw machine
  • Simple loading and unloading