Amada VM2500 vertical bandsaw

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The Amada VM2500 vertical bandsaw

Amada have designed a new range of CNC vertical bandsaws capable of delivering excellent performance on difficult to cut materials. The Amada VM2500 vertical bandsaw offers a longer moving table over the VM1200.

Windows-based CNC control NC Pusher System available enables precise cutting of plate material. Amada have taken a radical approach in the development of the plate bandsaw.

In the VM series, the materials table features multiple guideĀ slots, and is fed by means of a servo motor and ball screw, whilst the torsion-resistant saw frame remains stationary. This gives a number of advantages: greater precision, higher cutting rates and longer blade life.


VM2500 Cutting Capacity 2500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Vertical production band saw for cutting metals of all kinds: blocks, hollow bodies, structural material.This metal band saw is used as vertical cutting saw for small series or individual pieces.

Positioning of the workpiece by means of laser light or stop system (optional accessories) is exceptionally easy and precise. Even irregularly shaped workpieces can be clamped easily.

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