BROWN SN 350 AP-CN automatic CNC mitre bandsaw


The control on the Brown SN350 AP-CN is a PLC & N.C. specifically developed for automatic mitre bandsaw machines; it manages the machine by integrating the PLC functions for machine sequence with the N.C. functions for the management of the controlled axes which are the carriage advancement and bow descent.




BROWN SN350 AP-CN mitre bandsaw machine

Icon keyboard for:

  • Machine state check up.
  • Preselection of controls.
  • Machine events sequence.
  • Machine configuration.
  • Machine programming.
  • Cutting programs management.

Possibility of checking the following information:

  • Visualise blade use time.
  • Piececounter (keeps records from installation of machine).
  • Blade speed.
  • Ammeter to check state of blade wear.

Other features:

  • Possibility of software update.
  • Multilingual messages.


  • Mechanism for the rotation of bow unit for angled cuts up to 60° left and 45° right with locking lever
  • Hydraulic vice with rapid approach: can be positioned lengthwise along the entire machine base.
  • Piece support base with interchangeable plate.
  • Vice and jaws pressure regulator.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for bow movement with adjustment of descent speed.
  • Electronic variable speed unit for cutting speeds from 18 to 90 rpm.
  • Gear motor in vertical position so as to reduce dimensions at rear.
  • Bow tilting on bearings with tapered rollers.
  • Robustly built bow to ensure optimal verticality of descent.
  • Double balancing springs on bow.
  • 500 mm step feeder controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Maximum opening of feeding collet = 365 mm.
  • PLC and NC specifically developed for automatic bandsaws for machine sequence, operating statistics and diagnostics and for programming of machine cycle and cutting length.
  • Control panel complete of icon keyboard, keys for functional parameters, digital display and general switch with ring for padlock (not supplied).
  • Efficient & safe hydraulic unit.
  • Pressure gauge to allow visual display of pressure in hydraulic system.
  • Safety switch on pedestal.
  • Safety switch for blade drive on lever hand grip.
  • Linear potentiometer for bow position detection.
  • Blade lubrication cooling system with electric pump.
  • Coolant liquid vat with extractable pump for vat cleaning.
  • Protection guard on part of blade not directly involved in cutting.
  • Safety microswitch on opening of flywheel cover.
  • Electronic safety sensor to stop band motion in case of breakage.
  • Protective guards for step feeder
  • Spring action tightening device with rapid tightening of band.
  • Blade guiding arm adjustable according to the dimensions of the pieces to be cut.
  • Extractable swarf collection drawer.
  • Band saw.
  • Pedestal in welded sheet metal shaped for easy transport by means of fork lift or transpallet.
  • Spray gun to wash the machine.
  • Instruction book for use and maintenance.
  • Set of wrenches for the maintenance.


  • Loading roller table, length = 1000 mm Loading roller table, length = 2000 mm Loading roller table extension, length = 2000 mm Unloading roller table with barstop, length = 2000 mm Unloading roller table extension, from 2000 to 4000 mm Unloading roller table extension, from 4000 to 6000 mm
  • Vertical hydraulic anti-burr vice.
  • Coolant liquid.
  • Bimetallic band.
  • Mist lubrication.
  • Bundle cutting device.
  • Laser pointer for cutting position.


kW 1.5
mt/1′ 18/90
mm 350
mm 3150 x 27.0 x 0.9
Kg 1095
dBA 72
mm 200 280 250 140
mm 170 230 230 140
mm 260 x 80 350 x 230 250 x 200 165 x 80