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Bandsaw Machine Amada HFA530CNC

Amada have designed this automatic bandsaw machine in such a way that the cutting of material is done by the upper edge of the bandsaw blade thus reducing the height of the support columns by 50%.This creates a far more rigid structure enabling faster cutting and longer blade life.


  • Windows based CNC Control

    The Functions and set up of the bandsaw are controlled by a Windows based touch screen. Simple to use it enables the operator to choose the size, type, tolerance and number of cuts required of most materials, then JUST PRESS GO. The machine will cut the Material and give optimum performance.The screen gives an estimated finish time for each job.A history of cutting and fault finding information is also accessible.

  • Motor and Transmission

    A high powered 7.5 kw motor coupled with a special high efficiency transmission maintains high cutting rates even when cutting the toughest of materials.

  • Maximum Blade Width

    A 67mm wide blade 6670 mm long 1.6mm thick gives a very high beam strength enabling faster down feeds achieving phenominal cutting rates even on tough materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel.

  • Automatic Adjust Double Wire Brushes

    Automatically adjusted double wire brush design assures keeping the chip area of the blade clean for maximum life of blade and brushes in all types of cutting.

  • Automatic powered chip conveyor



  • Maximum Cutting Capacity

    Round bar: 530mm
    Rectangular bar: 530mm x 530mm


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