Amada HFA430CNC automatic bandsaw machine

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Amada HFA430cnc automatic bandsawAccurate Cutting Services is proud to announce the introduction of the new Amada HFA430cnc dynamic bandsaw. This is a dynamic high performance saw featuring many new technologies. This new saw was initially presented at the EMO fair in Hannover, Germany 2013.


  • Dynamic frame

    Highly rigid frame that incorporates a newly designed double guides frame (dynamic frame)

  • New CNC control facilitating ease of use and rapid setup

    Three different cutting modes for maximum efficiency: “Eco-mode”, “Standard-mode”, and “Power-mode”

  • Double vibration dampening rollers

    Double rollers reduce vibration resulting in faster and quieter cutting while improving blade life

  • New saw blade frame design results in longer blade life

    By reducing the twist in the blade, fatigue is greatly reduced leading to longer blade life

  • High efficiency

    Higher material yield by producing a material remnant as small as 35mm
    Improved cleaning and capture of material chips through a cleaning device mounted on the saw (chip flusher)
    The work feed table and the work tray are open-top designed and long stroke feeding vice is adapted
    The machine is equipped with the function of reducing the operator’s workload during unload the work pieces (quick hoisting-function)



AMADA has already achieve great success with high end models like a Pulse Cutting Band Saw (PCSAW) series, and other standard models such as the H and HS/FA series. The HFA430cnc is released as a middle of class machine, designed to give an optimised performance with a competitive price point.

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  • Automatically adjusting wire brush

    Reduces adjustment time and assures accurate position of the brush

  • Open top, longer feed stroke vice

    27 inch rear feed vice stroke length

  • Non-contact material positioning

    Amada HFA430 long transfer vice movement
    Auto trim function using a laser to detect the material position results in shorter run times.


  • Increase material yield by new vice

    Amada HFA430 redesigned vices
    A new rear vise design reduces the remnant length to 35mm plus the length of the part improving the yield out of every bar cut.

  • LED work light

    Amada HFA430 work illumination
    New LED work light conserves energy, lasts 8x longer and provides a much brighter cutting environment.

  • Automatic cutting fluid supply

    Automatically supplies cutting fluid only when the machine is cutting using less energy.

  • SMARTCUT BAND (Option)

    SMARTCUT BAND (optional) saves material loss and increases yield.


  • Smart blade change feature

    Blade support holder makes eases the task of changing blades

  • Chip flusher

    Amada HFA430 table cleaning mechanism
    More efficient chip flushing is built into the machine design to facilitate up time

  • Burr removal

    Burrs are reduced by the unique design under the cutting area

  • Position the remnant into the best location

    Automatically measures weight and balance of the remnant material and then positions the remnant into the best location to sling it.

  • Discharge table

    Amada HFA430 removable table insert
    The discharge table, too, has a retractable device allowing easier overhead material removal.


Would you like to know more?


Cutting capacity (mm) Round (Diameter) 30 – 430
Rectangle (W x H) 30 – 430
Min. cut-off length 10
Min. remnant length 35
Blade size (W x T x L) (mm) 41 x 1.3 x 5300
Blade speed (m/min) 15 – 120
Motors (kW) Blade 5.5
Hydraulic pump 1.5
Coolant pump 0.18
Wire brush 0.09
Power requirement (kVA) 13
Feeding vice stroke length (mm) 700
Tank capacity (L) Hydraulic 20
Coolant 68
Table height (mm) 700
Allowable load (Mass of work) (kg) 3000
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 2520 x 2180 x 2020
Mass of machine (kg) 3500

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.