Amada HA400W horizontal automatic bandsaw

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Bandsaw Machine HA400W

Amada designed the HA400W horizontal automatic bandsaw starting from the material to be sawn, engineering the machine around the capability of the saw blade, therefore guaranteeing optimum cutting performance.

Utilising a 41mm wide blade the Amada HA400W horizontal automatic bandsaw has sufficient beam strength to enable it to cut any metal quickly and efficiently, up to its maximum capacity of 400mm, thus delivering an excellent cost-per-cut ratio.

The optimum solution for economic cutting of solid, shaped and hollow materials in all material qualities – individually or in a bundle.

Compact and robust completely automatic band saw machines in stable swivel joint design for economic cutting of solid, shaped and hollow materials in all material qualities including Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium – individually or in a bundle. In automatic operation, the cut-off length and piece count can be preselected.

The combined feed pressure system has the ability to select the feed pressure to suit the material type and section being cut. For example, constant pressure for difficult to machine solid material, load-dependent feed for tubes and profiles to suit the changing cut section.

Short cycle times due to patented material scanner with automatic changeover from rapid feed to feed.

An integrated chip conveyor is included in the basic equipment.


  • Pressure/flow feed control

    The independent pressure and flow controls in series ensure that optimum cutting can be achieved regardless of the section or alloy being cut.

  • Drive wheel transmission

    This is designed and built by Amada to provide high efficiency reduction, therefore delivering more power to the large diameter shaft. This ensures that developed torque is transferred to the blade.

  • Maximum cutting capacity

    Round bar: 400 mm round bar
    Rectangular bar: 400mm wide x 400mm high

  • Automatic, powered chip conveyor

  • Multiple index up to 9 times

    The NC controller provides the requirement for automatic sawing using selectable cut-off lengths from 0 to 470 mm, with multiple infeed up to 9999 mm.

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