Amada H1600II semi-automatic bandsaw

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Bandsaw H 1600 II

The Amada H1600II semi-automatic bandsaw is 1600mm capacity single column and guide industrial saw is very heavy and rigid in its construction.

Amada have designed a series of heavy duty large capacity bandsaws to cope with adverse environments and conditions of use. The accessibilty of the machines allow large diameters and shapes to be loaded/unloaded with ease.


  • Cutting Control

    The cutting rate has been simplified by dividing materials in to 9 groups when a particular material is selected the machine will automatically set the downfeed cutting rate and recommend the correct blade speed.Thus achieving maximum blade life.

  • Blade deviation monitor

  • Cutting depth control

  • Light beam marking

  • Motor and Drive Transmission

    A powerful 15kw motor coupled with a no torque loss helical bevel gear drive

  • Bandsaw Blade Width

    A 80mm wide blade 15500mm long gives a high beam strength enabling faster down feeds achieving excellent cutting rates for all types of materials including Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel.

  • Maximum Cutting Capacity

    Round bar : 1600mm
    Rectangular bar : 1600mm (w) 1600mm (h)

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