Friggi 2MF gantry bandsaw

Friggi Gantry saw

Bandsaw with fixed table and movable head to cut very heavy material of large sizes. Its capability to cut in vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction makes it suitable for the working of ingots and forged pieces as well as large blocks for steel stockholders. The gantry saw is one of the most flexible bandsaw machines available for production for cutting the same job in different planes with the minimum repositioning of the job.

By setting the job once, a number of lifts and moves are removed, saving time and reducing risks of errors and injury.



Electro welded steel structure extremely rigid and sturdy

  • 3 meters module portal stroke increments
  • Possibility of cut at 0°, 90° and at intermediate angles between
  • Pre-configured to use hard metal blades
  • Down stroke electronic control by a.c. brushless motor
  • Precision ball bearing guides
  • Saw band tension control with automatic recovery
  • Drag type chip conveyor
  • No. 3 vice groups positionable on the machine table
  • Automatic survey of the cutting effort
  • Software to program automatically different groups of work
  • Multifunction display with integrated operator guide
  • Internal diagnostic of all functions
  • Adjustable pressure vice clamping
  • Sawband deviation automatic control
  • Sawband anti sliding control
  • Sawband breaking control
  • Automatic blade guide approach related to piece dimensions

Friggi gantry specification
Friggi gantry saw specs