Amada DUOS M42 bi-metal bandsaw blade

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DUOS M42 Bi-Metal bandsaw blade for thin wall to solid sections for a metal cutting band saw

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M42 Bi-Metal bandsaw blade for Thin Wall to Solid

The Amada DUOS M42 Bi-Metal bandsaw blade exclusively designed for the light-duty band sawing machines to cover a wide range of cutting applications. No Break-in procedure is necessary.


Most Cutting applications can be cut efficiently and economically with the DUOS 9/11P. The problem of operators selecting the improper blade has been virtually eliminated by the DUOS.


The DUOS uses two different tooth and set configurations to control excessive feeding in profile and tubing type materials

  • Adopting a positive rake angle enhances cutting performance in both solid and profile cutting
  • Increasing the chip area of the gullet by utilizing the two-step relief angle is a first for the smaller pitches
  • Time-consuming break-in periods are totally eliminated when using the DUOS
  • DUOS is a blade developed exclusively for the light-duty band saw. This design prevents teeth stripping and or chipping when cutting profiles while expanding the application to include solid material to the full capacity.


  • Blade exclusively designed for the light-duty band sawing machines to cover a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Highest quality backing material with M42 strip assures the longest possible blade life.
  • Innovative Twin Set plus Proprietary Tooth shapes in a Hi-Lo configuration for the most efficient and economic metal sawing.


  • High production rate
  • Long life on mild solid steel and heavy wall tubing and structural
  • Low cost per cut




Edge Material M42 Base Matrix HSS
Hardness of Tooth Tip 900 Hv
Wear Resistance (1 – 5) ** (2 Stars)
Chipping Resistance (1-5) ***** (5 Stars)

The hardness of the Tooth Tip represent Amada’s average value.┬áIt is adjusted to some extent according to the types and size of the products.


Width Thickness Pitch
1/2″ 0.025 V
1/2″ 0.035 V
3/4″ 0.035 V
1″ 0.035 V
1 1/4″ 0.042 V

V: Variable positive Rake

Note: Product line-up of DUOS is limited to comparatively small pitches considering limited applications.

Please use “PROTECTOR” 4/6 or 3/4 Pitch when material is outside of the application range.
Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.

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