Amada PROTECTOR M42 bandsaw blade

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Amada PROTECTOR bandsaw blade exclusively for structural steel, rolled sections metal cutting


Exclusively for the structural steel, strong against tooth chipping and capable of providing unparalleled high efficiency. PROTECTOR added to the back face of the tooth tip prevents excessive cutting.


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  • M42 High-Speed Steel Edge
  • Unique Design Tooth Form
    PROTECTOR added on the back face of the tooth tip suppresses excessive cutting and prevents continuous chipping from occurring.
  • Wide Set Available
  • Positive Rake Tooth Angle
  • Strong Tooth Profile
    As the tooth tip is made stronger, it endures impacts caused during intermittent cutting. At the same time, high cutting efficiency is assured.
  • Set Design
    The broaching style set pattern was designed to eliminate pinching, therefore preventing the blade from binding in the cut.
  • Wide Set Available
    When a roll-formed large-size H-beam is cut, stress relieving may occur, pinching the blade. In order to prevent damage to the blade, a “WS” (Wide Set) type is available for PROTECTOR.


  • Extra Tough Shock Resistance
  • Extra Tough Tooth Strippage Resistance


  • Extra Fast Cutting on Structural Steel
  • Extra Long Life in Interrupted Structural Cutting
  • Low Cost Per Cut




Edge Material M42 HSS
Hardness of Tooth Tip 900 Hv
Wear Resistance (1 – 5) ** (2 Stars)
Chipping Resistance (1-5) ***** (5 Stars)

The hardness of the Tooth Tip represent Amada’s average value. It is adjusted to some extent according to the types and size of the products.


width thickness 2/3 2/3WS 3/4 3/4 WS 4/6 5/7 6/10 8/12 10/14
20 0.9
27 0.9
34 1.1
41 1.3
54 1.3
54 1.6
67 1.6


* The WS (Wide set) type blade is a special saw blade with a measure against pinching which occurs easily when cutting the roll formed large size H-beam (applicable to H-beam whose width is over 400mm and mainly intended for that of 600mm or more width). The “PROTECTOR” WS type blade is a special saw blade with an intensified measure against pinching than the conventional WS type blade. Using of the WS type blade for cutting the material where no pinching would occur may shorten the service life of the blade.

Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.