Bandsaw blades, band saw machines, circular saw blade sharpening and 47 years of cutting services

The cutting edge - bandsaws, blades and subcontract sawing services

MILLING MACHINES Amada THV Series duplex milling machines produce accurate, high quality machined surfaces in a double headed mill with simple setup and clamping. The twin spindle milling machine enables automatic milling of four surfaces with on one setting, reducing setting time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

BANDSAW BLADES Wide range of industrial bandsaw blade in bi-metal and carbide tipped forms for all machines. Sawing metal requires the right saw blade on the right saw. Amada manufactures saws and blades and with control over the design and manufacture of both, Amada offers no compromise solutions to metal cutting for stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium, and all steel alloys and other non-ferrous metals. AMADA quality control is of the highest order, conducting weld strength (bending) tests under stringent test conditions to ensure the manufacturing process produces high quality long life bandsaw blades and offers the right sawing tool for every application. The product portfolio consists of Bi-Metal bandsaw blades, Carbide tipped (TCT) bandsaw blades and matrix blade to suit all sections; bar stock, blocks, plate and tube, formed and rolled sections, castings and forgings. For decades, the name AMADA has stood for innovation, excellent quality and performance in metal cutting band saws and band saw blades for metals. To help find the right blade for your application, check out our blade selector page.

BANDSAW MACHINES UK distributor for Amada, Soitaab/Friggi, and Pedrazzoli bandsaw machines providing a wide range of capacity and capability for sawing of metals. Small manual pull down saws with mitre capability Semi-automatic saws with mitre capability Fully automatic saws High speed production automatic saws, pulse cutting and power saws Plate saws up to 700mm thick plate and 8000mm cut length Block saws up to 1000mm high, 2000mm throat Gantry saws up to 3000mm diameter/height/width and 8000mm traverse High speed non-ferrous variants of plate, block and gantry saws Manual pull down sawsSemi-automatic sawsFully automatic sawsPlate and block sawsGantry saws Capacity: 10-300mmCapacity: 10-650mmCapacity: 30-1000mmCapacity: 10-1500mmCapacity: upto 3000mm Additional roller track, digital length measuring devices and fixturing is available to suit. Call to discuss your requirements.

CIRCULAR SAW BLADES Circular saw blades in high speed steel (5% molybdenum), super high speed steel (5% cobalt) suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with hardness between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm² to cut tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections up to 200 mm. Our range goes from Ø 160 mm to Ø 620 mm, with thicknesses from a minimum of 1 mm to a maximum of 6 mm, with tooth forms A – AW – B – BW – C – BR (chip breaker). The standard finish of the whole range is HP-GRIND; we also supply CO² steam treated blades and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated for the longest life.

CIRCULAR SAW MACHINES Circular saws for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Saws available as manual pull down, semi-automatic and automatic machines. Saws from Pedrazzoli, and Amada.

CUTTING SERVICE Subcontract sawing services for cutting all metals in finished, part finished, rolled, cast, forged or mill form. We have 25 tonne max lift capacity, 1600 x 2000mm section, 1000mm high by 6000mm long for cutting plate, bar, castings, forgings, fabrications and part machined items in stainless steel, nickel alloys, steel alloys, titanium, aluminium etc. Even with the saw maximum capacities, we can often cut larger items depending on the particular cut to be achieved - contact our cutting office to discuss your requirement.

QUALITY SYSTEMS Quality approvals BS EN ISO 9001 and AS/EN9100 rev C Registration No: FM 01824 Approved supplier to the aerospace, automotive and petrochemical industry for bandsaw and circular sawing services.

SAW SHARPENING Accurate can sharpen and grind SHSS, HSS, carbide tipped and solid carbide circular saw blades. Retipping and segment repair/replacement also covered.

SERVICE AND REPAIRS Bandsaw and circular saw machine repairs, refurbishment and spares.

USED MACHINES Used bandsaw and circular saw machines for sale. Refurbished and reconditioned saws available from stock.